Word Burning Pizza Ovens Blamed for Pollution

San Vitaliano, a town of 6,000 inhabitants north of Naples, has one of the highest rates of air pollution in Italy. In the past year the inhabitants spent a whopping 114 days breathing air that contained levels of polluting particulates above safe levels.

To place that into perspective, Milan – Lombardy’s industrial capital, spent 86 days breathing unsafe air. So what’s polluting San Vitaliano? A new ordinance from the mayor’s office blames town’s innumerable pizzerias. Mayor Antonio Falcone has decided to outlaw wood burning pizza ovens as precautionary measure. The move will cause the town’s many pizzerias and artisanal bakeries to change their fuel sources, or install costly filters to reduce pollution. Those caught breaking the ban will face fines of between $200 and $1,100.

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