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History of the Knights of Columbus

I had been one of those individuals who wondered how the Knights of Columbus was created and how its name came about until recently when I read a story about a young Catholic priest. His name was Michael McGivney and he felt there was a need for a national charitable and compassionate organization with a strong association to the Catholic Church. The feature which I read was about the fact that Father McGivney is more than half way through the process of becoming a Saint in the Church.

I found it interesting that a young Irish priest would look to an Italian for which his organization would be named. He did so, he declared, for a few reasons. Father McGivney felt that Christopher Columbus was celebrated not only for his great accomplishments but also that the Great Navigator was not only Catholic and very religious, but was very seriously considered for Sainthood.

Today, to my disgust, the individual responsible for opening the path for western civilization and growing the Catholic religion in the Americas is vilified for his treatment of people he never encountered. Yet, one of the largest religious and fraternal organizations in the world was named after him and continues to spread the charity and goodwill which he began over five hundred years ago.

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