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The Famous Luxury Car Brand Lancia Is Being Revived With Help From Stellantis

Lancia Brand Revived

The mega-merger between the FCA and PSA sounds like a bit of alphabet soup, but the enormous car company now has 14 brands under its umbrella. The group, known as Stellantis, has announced how it is dividing its brands into different groups for positioning in the automotive marketplace. The biggest surprise was that Lancia was positioned as a premium brand along with Alfa Romeo. Luca Napolitano is the brand’s CEO. The premium grouping is a level above the group’s mainstream brands of Opel and Peugeot. Lancia, a fabled Italian marque, has always been known for its engineering excellence, but for more than a decade has barely hung on within the former Fiat Chrysler empire. Now it appears that Lancia will receive the much needed revitalization. Speculation is that Lancia will borrow technologies from Alfa Romeo and begin life with a new model range, which is exciting news for fans of the legendary automobile.