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Just some of the countless confectionary delights from around the world at Eurochocolate.

Perugia’s Eurochocolate Festival

This year marked the 30th anniversary of Eurochocolate, one of the sweetest festivals in the world. It was created by Eugenio Guarducci, who sought to promote Italian excellence in the world of chocolate. It takes place in the Umbrian city of Perugia, where the scent of chocolate is always in the air from the Perugina facilities, which has been making chocolate there for 16 years. During the 10-day international festival, chocolate fills the streets of the city, at least in a figurative sense, attracting thousands of smiling visitors, each with an irrepressible passion for chocolate. The Eurochocolate program offers shows, games, competitions and entertainment for the whole family, making the experience suitable for people of all ages. You can stroll through a paradise for gourmands, with stands offering artisanal chocolate delicacies. For those who want to learn more about the inner workings of the industry, experts conduct workshops and conferences to deepen knowledge about chocolate, illustrating the processing techniques and the different varieties of cocoa. There are even art exhibitions and installations inspired by chocolate. Perhaps the most popular feature of the festival is the guided tastings that allow visitors to discover the secrets of chocolate and learn to recognize the different nuances of taste and aroma. Regardless of age, everyone seems to agree that Eurochocolate makes a delicious visit to what is already one of the most beautiful places in Umbria.