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Who is Flying to Italy?

As Italy begins to allow some international tourism, how many flights are available? For the past two weeks, tourists arriving from many countries have not faced any restrictions upon entering Italy. As the U.S. unlocks and restrictions ease for travel to Italy, many are wondering about the availability of flights.  

Emirates is one of the worlds’ largest airlines specializing in overseas travel. On Monday, it resumed flights to 29 destinations across Europe and North America, including flights from New York to both Rome and Milan, with connecting service to take travelers to other glorious cities in Italy. Additional flights will be added throughout the summer and fall months as the demand increases.

Emirates offers the finest in-flight entertainment in the airline industry and is consistently ranked among the best for efficiency, on-time arrivals and level of service. Many travelers do not realize that Emirates only began in 1985 with two aircrafts. In 35 years, it has grown to become one of the finest carriers in the world, consistently ranked in the top five in the airline industry. Emirates now has a fleet of more than 230 aircrafts and as the restrictions are lifted worldwide, will resume flights to over 140 destinations in more than 80 countries around the world. In addition to Emirates, Delta, United, American Airlines, Alitalia, Norwegian Air and the Air France-KLM group are gradually resuming flights from the U.S. to Italy. Connecting flights on the carriers or with alliance partners have already resumed to cities including Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Bari.