The Dolomite’s World Class Gin

One of the best gins in the world is created within a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy, the Dolomites.

In the Alpe di Siusi resort area, Florian Rabanser, hotelier and award-winning producer of spirits, transformed a 14th century refuge into a farm to create his own distillery.

Rabanser consulted leading experts from across Europe, experimenting with herbs, spices and berries that grow on the Dolomites. In his cellar, he works to transform those herbs into aromatic distilled beverages and spirits.

His grappas, fruity drinks, balsamic vinegar, and other natural and artisanal mixes have received prestigious awards. But it was thanks to his gin that Rabanser received his most prestigious prize.

His latest creation, the Dol Gin, received in fact the highest score in the silver category (no gold medal was assigned) by the jury of the International Wine & Spirit Competition, who declared it the best after blind tasting hundreds of them.

The search for the “right aroma” took about two years, until Rabanser found the right balance with 24 aromatic ingredients: these include wild anise, elderflower, angelica roots, caraway and rose hips.

Thanks to ancient farmers knowledge and the help of a pharmacist friend, the gin produced by Florian is now popular all over the world.

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