Ten Popular Italian Dishes You Cannot Find in Italy

We all know that true Italian cuisine differs in the North of Italy from the South and that every region has their own specialties. There are also plenty of Italian dishes over here in America that will send a native Italian screaming into the night! Here are ten of them.

  1. Meatlover’s Pizza – this is about as far removed from the beloved Margharita pizza as can be, with the exception of number 9 on the list.
  2. Pasta with Chicken – two things that do not go together in an Italian recipe. Chicken – fine, pasta – wonderful, together – never!
  3. Alfredo Pasta – in the words of an Italian, “Alfredo was just some guy who liked cream sauce, we don’t!” Enough said.
  4. Chicken Parm – this will raise the eyebrows from a native Italian. Cheese, sauce and chicken – why? Not a set of ingredients to be combined.
  5. Spaghetti and Meatballs – meatballs in Italy are tiny and typically found in soup. Our colossal meatballs are simply viewed as foreign, but curiously scary to Italians.
  6. Pepperoni Pizza – See item 1, way too oily for an Italians palate.
  7. Garlic Bread– especially when served with pasta. Italians love bread with olive oil, but to add garlic and (God forbid!) butter is horrifying.
  8. Carbonara with cream and bacon. In Italy, Carbonara is a very simple dish – bacon, cheese and pasta, never with cream.
  9. Hawaiian Pizza – this will simply elicit a shake of the head and maybe a small painful moan of disgust.
  10. Mac and Cheese – this dish actually offends many Italians – look what they’ve done to our macaroni! It is as sacrilegious as tap dancing in the Duomo.

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