Star and Moon Wines by Corvo

062614-wine-star-moon-1Those looking for summer refreshments should look no further than two fresh and elegant wines from Corvo’s Duca di Salaparuta line – Star and Moon.

Duca Star is a white wine produced on the sun-kissed hills of Sicily. It is a perfect blend of Insolia grapes which lend fragrance, and Chardonnay grapes which lend freshness and fruity notes. An eclectic wine, Duca Star is ideal served as an aperitif and with light meals and is a perfect choice for happy hour in the company of friends.

Particularly recommended with seafood and appetizers, Star is also an impeccable choice for fish dishes.

Moon is a red wine with a winning personality and is produced from a blend of two unique grape varieties: Nero d’Avola and Merlot. An elegant wine with fresh and persistent aromas, Moon is contemporary and trendy.

Perfect as an aperitif, Moon can also be served with cheeses, appetizers, savory starters and red meats.

Two wines with glamorous style, Star and Moon are designed to light-up the night with quality and a perfect expression of the lands they come from – a perfect reward at the end of the day.

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