Some Interesting Facts About Italy, Its People and Its History

  • Rome is further North than New York City. New York City is about the same latitude as Naples Italy.
  • In Rome and Naples, it only snows briefly once every several years, unlike New York City and its suburbs!
  • The Pizza Margherita was invented in Naples in 1889 to honor Italy’s Queen Margherita of Savoy upon her visit to the city.
  • Pizza is one of the very few words which is understood in virtually every part of the world and in all cultures.
  • Italy is only slightly larger than Arizona.
  • Italy borders with six sovereign States – Austria, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. Its longest border is with Switzerland.
  • The name of measurement of electricity – the volt, is named for Alessandro Volta, who invented the first battery in 1779.

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