Rome Restaurant Bans Children Under Five,
Due to Lack of Manners

012816-Cronaca-2La Fraschetta del Pesce, situated close to Rome’s historical center, in the capital’s eastern Pigneto district, is a popular family-run restaurant serving fresh fish caught by the owner’s son. However, the restaurant has decided that the restaurant will be off limits to young children, describing them as “little uncontrollable terrors.” “Due to some unpleasant incidents caused by a lack of manners, children under five are not allowed in this restaurant,” reads a sign in the window of the establishment. One frustrated customer, who was turned away from the restaurant in November with his two-month-old baby, said the management was “out of its mind.” In reply, the owner, wrote that the problem lay with the customer, who was apparently “not able to understand what was written on the door of the entrance.”

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