Longest Pizza

Italian pizza makers have brought the title for the world’s longest pizza back to its true home after producing one that is over a half-mile long.

Pizza chefs worked for 16 hours in the Calabrian town of Rende to produce the 0.75 mile long pizza, smashing a record previously set by Spain. The pizza was cooked using a special oven with a roller inside; as the first part of the pizza baked, it was pulled out to rest on a table, while more of it was pulled through the oven.

A prudent panel of judges were called upon to verify the length of the pizza, which snaked through the streets from Piazza San Carlo Borromeo to Piazza Matteotti. An estimated 60,000 people were present, either volunteering to help create the pizza or to watch in fascination, and no doubt help eat the pizza once it was finished.

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