Glove to Detect Parkinson’s

040314 cronaca 1PISA – A glove with movement sensors could be used to diagnose Parkinson’s disease before any symptoms of the chronic progressive neurological disease manifest themselves, according to a group of researchers at Pisa University Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

“It is virtually impossible to detect the early signs in the movement of hands and feet of people who are in the first stages of the disease,” said Dario Esposito, one of the researchers in the team, who presented their study at the RomeCup, a robotics event in the Italian capital.

By using a number of sensors able to measure movement with extreme precision, doctors hope to be able to diagnose Parkinson’s disease in its early stages.

“Carrying out specific movement tests makes it possible to recognize, beyond what is currently possible, the very first signs of the disease’s development and use all medical countermeasures to fight and slow down its development,” said Esposito. A trial to test the glove is ongoing in the Tuscan cities of Massa and Carrara and has reportedly provided excellent results.

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