Exploding Artichoke

OLGINATE – An Italian woman was shocked and called police after an artichoke that she purchased at a local supermarket in northern Italy later exploded.

Giulia Sala said she was stunned by the incident and had to ask her husband and daughter for assistance after she brought the vegetable home from the market in Olginate, about 25 miles north of Milan.

The family called emergency services as well as the administration department of the supermarket. The vegetable’s leaves were damaged and burnt by the explosion. Similar incidents have been reported in Italy, one in 2003 and another in 2008. It has been suggested that the explosions may have been caused by a chemical reaction involving the fertilizer that was used in the artichoke plantations. Both the police and government health and safety agencies have opened probes into the incident, and the supermarket involved has stopped selling the vegetable.

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