Dion DiMucci Returns to Recording

The Bronx’s own Dion DiMucci partnered with Paul Simon on the title track of Dion’s new album “New York Is My Home.” Never one to rest on his laurels, rock ’n’ roll legend Dion recently returned to the studio to record a new album that will be released this coming February. The album was produced by Jimmy Vivino (brother of Italian Tribune columnist and comedic icon, Uncle Floyd Vivino) who can be seen nightly leading The Basic Cable Band on Conan.

The album will be released on February 16. The album’s title track “New York Is My Home” has already been released and features a duet with fellow New Yorker Paul Simon.  He can be seen with Dion in the song’s video, which was shot on the streets of New York in late October by David Niles. The song finds Dion celebrating the New York, finding the beauty of the City and equating its noisy streets with gospel music. Simon joins in at the end of the first verse and the two continue the song as together.

Dion says of the recording of the title track “Early on, I knew I had to sing it with Paul Simon.  We share a love for rock ’n’ roll street music, the way it was done when we were kids. I knew Paul would ‘get’ this song.  And he did.  Soon after I sent it to him, he called and said he’d become obsessed with it and added his own distinct touches to the production.  He’s from Queens, I’m from the Bronx. We’re both at home in New York. This was a labor of love for us.”

Dion was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. This marks his 39th album including his work with the Belmonts and his first album since 2011.

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