Buddy’s Blog 04/21/16

Watching our Congress and Executive Branch of government exist in a stalemate I thought was a joke, but the current Italian Parliament (who else?) gets my award for being the greatest obstructionists of all time! Premier Matteo Renzi has introduced a much needed constitutional reform bill but it was met with 173 sessions of debate in Parliament and 83,722,708 amendments…again, that is over eighty-three MILLION amendments!

Any constitutional changes under Italian law must be approved by a national referendum through a popular vote. Among his reforms, Renzi wants to reduce the Italian Senate from the current 300 members to 100 regional representatives with limited powers which he feels will break the impasse for which Italy is famed. This should prove to be quite interesting for this vote will also be one on the Renzi administration. He is absolutely doing the correct thing, but we shall see if he can survive dealing with idiots who are more concerned with self-preservation than the people they represent.

* * *

Have you noticed the increased resistance among European nations regarding ‘uncontrollable’ levels of migration? What was once billed as a total open door policy, is now seeing the doors slowly close. Austria is the latest Euro member to begin closing its borders. This year, arrivals in Italy should exceed 300,000. I have asked before and ask again now, why are world leaders not responding to the reasons for this migration? Solve that and so much more will follow suit.

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A recent article in the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, accusing the French website Demotivateur, of destroying in a 46-second video of a pasta dish that truly symbolized Italian and Roman culinary traditions makes me smile and yell, “Bravo!”

The controversy was ignited when the French site ran a video for a “one pot” carbonara on its channel and used Barilla’s farfalle pasta. First, this Roman specialty is only made with spaghetti or rigatoni and NEVER made with all ingredients in one pot, for the central ingredient is guanciale, or cheek of the pig, and is sautéed or lightly fried. The video also used onions and crème fraiche, which are two more mortal sins! When it comes to Italian food, I am an admitted snob or purist. The carbonara sauce is egg, pecorino cheese, black pepper and the slightest amount of water, which is vigorously stirred and poured atop the pasta, avoiding a dish of scrambled eggs, but yet creamy. A classic Roman pasta dish that is often made incorrectly, pasta carbonara is one of the most famous Italian recipes worldwide.

The fact that Barilla was a financial benefactor to the French site greatly added to the outrage and insult. Disgraziato!!

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