Buddy’s Blog 04/03/14

I make it a habit to watch international news coverage of the events making news as I like to get other opinions. For example, I try to regularly tune into BBC, the British Broadcasting network, as their reporting appears to be thorough and complete and not with a political slant.

A recent case in point was the meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis at the Vatican. It was absolutely clear in BBC reporting that the American President had requested to meet Pope Francis because the American leader is struggling with poor polling and declining influence at home and internationally. Pope Francis, on the other hand, is far and away the most respected and admired world figure today, and the Obama faithful had requested this introduction hoping the Pope’s positive celebrity would help the president.

What I did not see in the domestic U.S. coverage was the sharp and clear differences between these two global leaders on significant social issues. Among them being abortion, birth control and homosexual marriage. The BBC coverage reported the Pope was quite blunt and clear in voicing his opinions. In fact, one of the Papal ambassadors stepped into the exchange to diplomatically explain Francis’ opinions. I did not see this coverage on U.S. television.

It is quite obvious to me that President Obama requested this private audience with Pope Francis for political reasons, for he was not going to change Francis’ views on key social issues. This meeting was a step to bring the rising Hispanic population, which is mostly Catholic, closer to the Democratic party. Hispanics comprise about one-third of Catholics in the United States and this number is getting younger and growing. I hope they become Capitalists!

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