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For generations, the coffee maker’s art began with countless jars of beans and ingredients that were carefully selected and blended by Lavazza master roasters.

Italy’s Museum of Coffee Called La Nuvola Opens in Torino

Drinking coffee is one thing, but learning the entire history of the world’s favorite drink is another task. For those who cannot bear the thought of facing the morning without a steaming cup of coffee, you will be fascinated by Italy’s newest museum.

World-famous coffee producer Lavazza has opened its new headquarters called La Nuvola in the Aurora neighborhood of Torino and its Museo Lavazza is the perfect place to learn everything that there is to know about coffee and its production. According to a spokesman for the company, the new Lavazza headquarters represents a different way of building the relationship between a private company and the city that it is based in. The idea harkens back to an ancient Roman concept where numerous city functions coexisted and were layered, rather than separated. This is achieved with components including a high-quality environmentally focused garden, a design school, two restaurants, an events venue, a new generation work spaces and of course, the museum.

Described as a circular sensory journey through the world coffee, the museum is divided into five different routes with five different themes. Casa Lavazza breaks down the timeline of the company’s formation and growth: La Fabbrica teaches visitors everything they have always wondered about coffee production; The Piazza celebrates the Italian ritual of coffee making by recreating a 60s setting and La’Atleier relates the creative collaborations Lavazza has had, including its famous ads. Finally, there is a 360-degree interactive installation called L’Universo. Visits conclude with the tasting of a special coffee blend and a tour through the museum’s store. The entire museum brings guests through 120 years of history, all centered around the drink that gets so many of us up and moving in the morning. The displays cover an impressive range of products and media. For example, did you known that a Lavazza espresso machine was sent into space?

Visitors are guided through each of the segments by the Lavazza Cup – a smart coffee cup that can activate digital installations, unlock multimedia content across the museum and record the route one takes while visiting. At the end of their coffee-infused journey, visitors are able to send their favorite memories of the museum to their personal email addresses.

Once your visit is over, you can look around the piazza of the Nuvola and see the management offices of Lavazza, now all in one location, whereas before they were in four different cities around Italy. In the Archive, the documents that testify to the company’s 120-year-long history are found, while in La Centrale, there is an event area with a capacity of 1000 people. There is even an archaeological site on the company’s new premises. When Lavazza was excavating the foundations of the office building, they found the remains of an early Christian basilica and have preserved it so that their visitors can enjoy that discovery as well, while enjoying a fresh cup of espresso.