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I am almost moved to tears when I read or hear comments denigrating the accomplishments and meaning of Christopher Columbus, for as I have said for much too long, these are really aimed at our heritage.

For example, a front page article with a headline comprised of major sized letters worthy of the end of World War II, appeared on Columbus Day in the failing Newark Star Ledger, critical of Columbus and very pro “indigenous people day.” The fanning of controversy by this left leaning editorial staff is typical, as they continue to pander to a waning readership.

This article contained a reference to a black councilman from Akron, Ohio, who declared that Columbus initiated the trans-Atlantic slave trade which would lead to the kidnapping, deaths and slavery of “tens of millions of African people.” First of all, there were not that many people in Africa. Secondly, I suggest this empty-headed, biased representative learn the history of his own people. Slavery of Africans goes back to Sahel Kingdoms in what is today Senegal and Mauritania during the 8th and 9th centuries. Let me see, according to my basic math, that is five to six hundred years before 1492!! Where are the Italian organizations and their members? Scholarships and wreath-layings are not enough to win this argument. I am sure you are aware that slavery still exists today. And do you know where the largest percentage of human slavery is in the world? Africa!!! Where is the outrage about women and children in Africa being enslaved? That race card is too often thrown by ignorant people who really have no understanding of the issue or are feathering their own political positions. If I sound angry – I AM. Very angry. I have no patience for those who want to use Columbus as the cause for the problems of the world.

There are many thousands of black Africans fleeing their homelands to escape the persecution of their black “leadership.” Who is saving these refugees from drowning in the Strait of Sicily as they attempt to protect their families? The Italians!!! Why are the black organizations and white leftists not talking about this? Why are they not more concerned about saving actual lives rather than trying to rewrite something about which they really have no clue? Their own are being slaughtered but they would rather make an issue of making up their own historical events.

This is some world we live in today!