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Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal on a sunny day

Biggest Reasons to Move to New Jersey This Year

Moving to New Jersey seems like a popular choice nowadays. It’s not hard to see why. The Garden State has everything you need, especially if you’re looking to enjoy family life. Its location is terrific because of the beautiful nature that provides plenty of spots to relax and spend your free time. At the same time, it’s close to New York City, the most eventful place in the whole world. If you have an Italian heritage, you’ll love it even more because many towns in New Jersey are predominantly Italian-American. So, without further ado, the Italian Tribune brings you the biggest reasons to move to New Jersey this year.

A top-notch location

The enjoyment of geographical attributes that a specific place provides depends on each individual’s preferences. However, New Jersey has something for everyone. The most logical place to start is by mentioning a 141-mile-long coastline known as the Jersey Shore. It has dozens of wonderful sandy beaches you can visit all year long, not just in summer, assuming that the weather is nice. If you’re a fan of fresh mountain air, you can always take a trip to the Ramapo Mountains, which have acres of forest.

A person walking on a sandy beach
Jersey Shore provides plenty of recreational opportunities throughout the whole year.

However, the most significant benefit of Garden State’s location is the closeness to big cities. Naturally, the first one that comes to mind is New York City. Some parts of New Jersey, for example, Jersey City, are so close to the Big Apple that the only thing separating them is the Hudson River. But, other than NYC, there are many other big cities relatively nearby, such as Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Syracuse.

Charming towns that are perfect for raising a family

If you’re looking to have a nice family life, the Garden State seems perfect. Due to the tremendous educational and health system, which we’ll talk about later, your kids will have every precondition to have a great childhood. And if you have an Italian background or want to experience the Italian culture, there are many Italian-American towns in New Jersey. Since safety is usually everyone’s priority when it comes to family life, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Garden State ranks 4th for the lowest violent crime rates in the USA.

Education and healthcare of the highest quality 

When we say that the education in New Jersey is of the highest quality, we mean that literally. On multiple occasions, the Garden State was pronounced as the best state regarding education. It has an excellent public school system that’s consistently ranked among the top 3 in the nation. However, New Jersey is best known for its higher education. It has some world-class universities, with Princeton leading the line. Almost half of the state’s population is college-educated. When it comes to health, the situation is no different. Several hospitals throughout New Jersey are ranked among the top ones in the nation. Because of the education, the medical personnel is highly qualified. So, in terms of health care quality, you’d struggle to find a better system than the one in New Jersey.

College students discussing the reasons to move to New Jersey.
High-quality education is one of the reasons to move to New Jersey.

New Jersey is a popular destination among former New  Yorkers

When someone is willing to leave New York City for any other place, know that there’s something special about that destination. NYC is arguably the greatest city in the world. Still, many of its residents have decided to pursue their happiness in the Garden State. This trend started with the coronavirus outbreak when people began leaving NYC in flocks. New Jersey emerged as an obvious candidate due to its proximity. But, even with the end of a pandemic on the horizon, New Yorkers are still looking for moving services to leave NYC behind. New Jersey is safer, more family-friendly, less expensive, and much easier to get around. So if you’re one of the people eyeing up this relocation, you won’t regret it, especially if you gather some moving help. Moving is way easier with professionals by your side, and your new chapter in the Garden State will be off to a flying start.

Getting a first-hand understanding of why is New Jersey called the Garden State

There’s a reason behind New Jersey’s famous nickname. The nickname dates back to the first half of the 19th century. For centuries now, New Jersey has been known for producing agricultural goods. It has more than 500.000 acres of farms, which is quite surprising because the state itself is not too big. Not only that, but New Jersey is within the top 10 USA producers of these goods:

  1. Cranberries
  2. Blueberries
  3. Cucumbers
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Peaches
  6. Apples

So, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh fruit and vegetables from farms that are just around the corner, the Garden State is a place for you.

A bowl of cranberries on a wooden surface.
Only Massachusetts and Wisconsin produce more cranberries than New Jersey.

Culinary scene

When talking about the reasons to move to New Jersey, it’s impossible to leave out this state’s amazing culinary scene. Foodies are guaranteed to have a great time in the Garden State. As we already mentioned, so many Italian-Americans live here, so if you fancy the superb Mediterranean cuisine, you shouldn’t miss the chance to dine in some of the best Italian restaurants in New Jersey. However, since New Jersey is so diverse, you’ll be able to find other cuisines, like Indian and Chinese. So, it’s safe to say that every food lover has a lot to look forward to after moving to the Garden State.


Moving to New Jersey is a big step towards a peaceful, safe, and joyful life. With so many things on offer, mentioning all the reasons to move to New Jersey seems impossible. However, we covered some of the most important ones, and we’ll let you see other reasons for yourself after moving there. If you make the Garden State your new home, know that there won’t be any regrets. We wish you the best of luck with the relocation!