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10 Best Italian Restaurants in New Jersey

Opinion by Ben Reeder

It is no secret that one of the most appealing aspects of New Jersey is the abundance of Italian restaurants. If you’re relocating to New Jersey and want to know where to go for fine Italian dining, you’ve come to the right place. In New Jersey, there are so many excellent dining establishments that it would be hard to mention them all in one place. However, we will concentrate on what we believe to be the top 10 best Italian restaurants in New Jersey.

1.    Matthew’s

Matthew’s is one of the most loved Italian restaurants in New Jersey. Along with your favorite Italian dishes, you can expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Risotto al Gorgonzola and Timballo are among the many classics on Matthew’s extensive menu. You can consider booking a table on Sundays when the “Sunday sauce” is prepared. You will be able to enjoy your evening with slow-simmered pork ribs, spicy meatballs, sausage, and freshly baked Pane di Pasqua if you like.

2.    Amarone Ristorante

Amarone Ristorante, housed in a restored carriage house, is the ideal place to enjoy a rustic Italian meal with a nod to the past. Traditional Northern Italian fare makes Amarone Ristorante one of the best Italian restaurants in New Jersey. There is a dish for every palate, from the Rigatoni Alla Carbonara to a simple classic such as Pizza Napoletana. You can also enjoy a nice glass of wine if you so desire. Amarone Ristorante has a large selection of fine wines for you to choose from. 

Pizza being taken out of the oven.
Many classic Italian dishes, including Pizza, are available at Amarone Ristorante.

3.    Jozanna’s

Jozanna’s is a simple neighborhood Italian restaurant. The owners of this family-owned business are committed to using only the finest ingredients to create your favorite Italian dishes. From sweet Gelato to spaghetti and meatballs, you will find everything here. However, we can’t talk about Jozanna’s without mentioning the restaurant’s atmosphere. Every guest at Jozanna’s is treated as if they are a member of the family. 

4.    Il Michelangelo Italian Restaurant

At Il Michelangelo Italian Restaurant, you can expect an authentic Italian atmosphere in addition to delicious food. The Il Michelangelo Italian restaurant is a family-owned business, and you can tell as soon as you enter the establishment. Here, they only serve up the best of Sicilian cuisine. You can start your dinner with some of their homemade ricotta before moving on to the main course. Try the house-made pappardelle topped with a truffle cream sauce with a glass of bold wine.

5.    La Fiamma

Beautiful brink walls with an overall rustic atmosphere make Italian dining at La Fiamma a great experience. A starter of sauteed shrimp with cheese tortellini made from the finest mozzarella and marinara sauce or bucatini with garum will explain why La Fiamma is one of the state’s best Italian restaurants. If you come to this establishment, you will have to try the two classics they offer – the Brodetto and Baccalà Alla Vicentina.

A rustic Italian restaurant in New Jersey.
La Fiamma offers a great atmosphere that will make your stay even better, which is what makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in New Jersey.

6.    Bottagra Restaurant

One of the best Italian restaurants in New Jersey is this swanky Italian eatery with a large selection of fine wines and a pleasant candle-lit atmosphere. Bottagra prides itself on simple, flavorful Italian cuisine that’s never boring. Your taste buds will be dancing for days after you try the fettuccine alfredo, the instant pot osso buco, the pasta puttanesca, or the cumin-spiced chicken meatballs.

7.    Trattoria La Sorrentina

If you’re looking for a top Italian seafood restaurant, look no further than Trattoria la Sorrentina. Whether you are a vegetarian or you love to eat meat dishes, there are many dishes for you to choose from. We would recommend that you give their seafood menu a try. First, slather on some lemon and olive oil-slathered Tuscan shrimp penne with fresh squid. Then, move on to the pasta.

8.    Cafe Venezia

Cafe Venezia’s warm atmosphere and the classics of Italian cuisine bring Mediterranean hospitality to a whole new level. Venetian fare is what this cozy joint’s name implies. After you taste what this place has to offer, you’ll be raving about it for days. Choose from calamari venice or vongole veraci alla posilipo to get you started. Carciofo alla giudia or risotto alla milanese are next on the list. If you give this place a shot, there is no doubt in our mind that you’ll become a regular.

9.    Paisano’s

Authentic Italian cuisine served in an atmosphere such as the one found at Paisano’s is hard to find nowadays. Paisano’s has been a family-owned and operated restaurant in Rutherford, New Jersey, since 1989. This restaurant, specializing in Northern and Southern Italian food, has something for everyone. Oyster in marinara or cajun calamari with a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar are must-order dishes. Several activities take place here as well. Among the various events they throw are comedy nights and brunches, aiming to pump up the excitement.

10.    Fascino

There are not many restaurants in New Jersey that take the Italian atmosphere of their establishment as seriously as Fascino. This fine Italian restaurant is known for its world-class service and warm, welcoming environment. The pasta is the real star of the show on this restaurant’s menu. With a staff of master chefs at their disposal, you will get the best pasta in town. Porceddu and Bombolotti all amatriciana should be on your list of must-try dishes when you come here.

A professional chef preparing a meal in a kitchen.


If you’ve been debating whether or not to relocate to New Jersey from a distant location, we hope this list will give you the necessary push. There is no reason to put off your move any longer now that you know where to go for a fine dining experience. Instead, find the right crew of long-distance movers in New Jersey and have a smooth process and easy relocation. There’s no reason why your move should drag on for ages. 

All that being said, we should mention there are certainly more than 10 best Italian restaurants in New Jersey. But as we’ve said at the very beginning, naming them all would be impossible. Fortunately, if you move to New Jersey, you will have all the time in the world to explore the many great Italian restaurants that are offered here.