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Vineyard to Vintage – A Passion for Great Wine

When people have a passion for something, that emotion becomes infectious and creates a sense of excitement for everyone around them. That level of excitement is just one of the many joys of modern winemaking. A great glass of wine can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience.  Combine that meal with good friends, or family and there is truly nothing better in life.

Making wine is an age-old craft, but making high-quality wine is truly an art. Once you have had a great bottle of wine, the differences to the nose and palate open an entirely new world. Those bargain-priced bottles will no longer have the same appeal. Creating a fine vintage is time consuming, requiring quality ingredients, rather than some anonymous concentrated box of grape juice in a box. That is why Vineyard to Vintage is bringing high-quality wine grapes to home winemakers all over the country.

Vineyard to Vintage was founded by two families, the Rossettis and the LuCarellis. Both families have a passion for great wine and came together with the objective of sourcing only the best wine grapes possible for their winemaking endeavors. Nick Rossetti has been a viticulturist for several Napa wineries and during his years in the industry has worked for such names as Treasury and Duckhorn. Tim and Karen LuCarelli have been home winemakers for many years, making their wine using only premier quality grapes.  Now, Tyler LuCarelli has developed an interest in winemaking and has become a cellar assistant for a small winery in El Dorado County in Northern California. While their experiences differ, their commitment to home winemakers remains the same.

Vineyard to Vintage is the culmination of both families’ passion for winemaking. The company works closely with California vineyard owners who produce top quality grapes and harvest at the most optimum time. The grapes are crushed and frozen to preserve the quality.

Some of the best wines come from areas that known to everyone familiar with the fruit of the grape. Tuscany and Piedmont in Italy are renowned around the world for their creations. In the United States, the Napa Valley is the most widely known area for wine, but there are other places in California that have had an even longer history of producing wine grapes. Amador and El Dorado counties, the home of the California gold rush, were settled by Italian immigrants in the 1850’s. Many brought grape vines with them, primarily Zinfandel. That is why you will find the oldest-producing Zinfandel vineyard in California in Amador County, planted in 1869. Additionally, when creating varietal blends, Vineyard to Vintage obtains its imported grapes from the same sources as the famous Napa wineries.

Anyone can make wine by fermenting grape juice, but not everyone can make a great wine that friends will rave about at a dinner party. Whether it to be used in cooking, or winemaking, Italians have realized that it is the quality of the ingredients and not necessarily the recipe that make the dish truly special. As professional winemakers say “you can make bad wine with great grapes, but you can’t make great wine with bad grapes.”  So, get some friends together, do some research and take the leap. The cost of winemaking is less than you think and there are many resources available to make sure you can create a high-quality wine that will impress even the most discerning wine aficionado. There has never been a better time than now to start your own vintage and when you begin, make sure to start with grapes from Vineyard to Vintage. Isn’t it time to let your creative juices flow? Call them at (888) 749-4742, or send an email to [email protected] to find out more and make sure to visit their website vineyardtovintage.com.