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"Lessico femminile. Le donne tra impegno e talento 1861-1926" exhibit is dedicated to women from the 19th and 20th centuries at Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

4 Upcoming Exhibits in Italy You Should Know About

Serval new exhibitions are scheduled to or have just opened in Italy, including some in honor of Women’s History Month. In Florence, Palazzo Pitti is hosting “Lessico femminile, Le donne tra impegno e talento 1861-1926” (Women’s lexicon. Women between commitment and talent 1861-1926). The show, curated by Simonella Condemi, runs through May 25. The exhibition, created in collaboration with Advancing Women Artists, pays homage to women through the 19th and 20th centuries through artworks, objects and photographs. It focuses on the role of women in different fields, from science to literature and art. Materials were drawn from the collections of the Palazzo Pitti Modern Art Gallery, where one of the most significant collections on the theme of women’s work from those periods is maintained. Meanwhile, a retrospective on artist Antony Gormley will run through May 26 at the Uffizi Gallery. “Essere” presents a selection of sculptures by the artist produced in different materials and sizes.

The Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art in Bergamo is showcasing 150 pieces of artworks spanning four decades in the first major retrospective in Italy on Birgit Jurgenssen (Vienna 1949-2003), a leading exponent of the international feminist avant-garde movement. The show “Io sono” or “I am,” runs through May 19th.

In Modena, the show “Pop Therapy, The revolutionary spirit of Fiorucci’s cards” just opened and will run through August 25 at the Museo della Figurina, the museum of trading cards.  The exhibit pays homage to fashion designer Elio Fiorucci and is divided into six sections. It documents the success of the album Fiorucci Stickers, published in 1984 by Edizioni Panini, which sold over 25 million trading card packs. A total of 200 trading cards are on display.

The Casa del Cinema (House of Cinema) in Rome will host an exhibit on great filmmaker Federico Fellini throughout the month of March. “Fellini- A personal regard by Vittoriano Rastelli” is curated by Alessandra Zucconi and Andrea Mazzini. A total of 30 black-and-white photos by Rastelli portray the complex personality of the man and artist. Meanwhile, Palazzo Velli hosts an exhibit dedicated to photographer Roberto Polillo through March 28th. The show focuses in particular on two projects that were central to his career – “Future Cities Visions and Jazz Icons of the ’60s” – through themes that were important to the photographer, notably jazz music, computer science, travelling and the evolution of cities.