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Take Charge of Your Life by Reading “The Power Is Really Yours”

Once you decide to lift your eyes to see beyond what is front of you, you can begin along the path to take back control and power over your life. “The Power Is Really Yours” serves that purpose and lifts your eyes in a new direction. Phyllis Salvato’s aim is to demystify and simplify knowledge and information that has been around since the beginning of time. She makes solutions to life’s problems easily accessible and provides simple ‘how to’ steps to maximize your own abilities to create happiness and peace in your life. She combines the most current knowledge from sciences and philosophies of the West and East coupled with the grounded earthy wisdom passed on by her mother.

One of the most important lessons in the book is to take an honest, but positive view of one’s self. It has been written, discussed and expounded upon for thousands of years, but many allow the day-to-day tasks of life to cloud the most fundamental features and reasons for our existence. The author, Phyllis Salvato is a world traveler, who has studied Eastern and Western philosophies and doctrine extensively. In her well-founded view, the wisdom of the ages and mysticism often associated with its pursuit does not require years spent in silence contemplating the meaning of life. Our lives are enriched from within and after years of study, the most important lessons in her life have their foundation in the words that her mother Margaret Lardiere Salvato, had passed along to her.

The central theme of “The Power is Really Yours” derives from gaining an ever increasing knowledge of our true self to make each of us more dynamic, healthier and essentially happier. When we answer to ourselves, we get behind the wheel and drive our own lives. In doing so, the road travelled is far more fulfilling. Ms. Salvato lays to rest many myths and preconceptions in her well-written and provocative book. After all – it is about self-help. The fact remains that many people choose to allow others to lead their lives and set expectations and goals. Many fail to ask the most basic question of why? Are these MY goals, or something imposed for the primary benefit of someone else? Is this good for Me or is it better for them? These questions may sound as though the concept is to become self-obsessed and self-centered, but nothing could be further from the truth. A candid appraisal of the motivations of others is something that comes with a clarity of one’s own being. Knowing ourselves gives us the ability to use one of the most important aspects of our God-given attributes, that of intelligence. With intelligence comes judgment, not of others, but of ourselves and our actions.

Throughout the chapters of “The Power is Really Yours,” Ms. Salvato has established lessons to learn and apply to foster a better you; a better us. Through stories and examples reaching back through the centuries, the reader gains an appreciation for the magnitude of the importance of first asking ourselves questions before we look to others for answers. Self-acceptance and self-awareness allow us to make wise decisions far more easily and confidently. Ms. Salvato presents it in a realistic way with examples that make perfect sense in today’s world; that perhaps is the beauty of the book. We can all do better with managing busy schedules and expectations, but if we do not try to improve our personal environment, who is at fault? Additionally, just as Rome was not built in a day, none of us will turn things around after the mere reading of a paragraph, chapter or the book. It takes time and effort, but as she states as one of the first examples in her book, “A small change today can bring about a drastic difference tomorrow. Remember, baby steps count at any age.”

Ms. Salvato discusses many of the what, why and how’s as they relate to brain, organ and gland function. She does not do it in a clinical manner, but the discussion does exactly what it is intended to do – to bring about awareness. That we can help our brains to remain vital even as we age is not unattainable. The supplements that we take and the activity of our minds will have a lasting effect on each of us. The food we eat and the activities we engage in can lead in opposing directions – healthy or unhealthy. “There is no magic to sound health. Just choices.” This is perhaps one of the most insightful bits of wisdom in the book.

About The Author

Phyllis Salvato possesses numerous academic credentials and considers herself to be a student of life. She has studied and practiced the Eastern philosophies and sciences discussed in “The Power Is Really Yours” – all while traveling the world. And while her knowledge has expanded, based on these experiences, she gained the greatest wisdom at the knee of her mother, Margie.