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This cake from 1986 exemplifies the excesses of the decade.

The Luscious Selection of the Wedding Cake

Just like clothing trends, wedding cake designs are constantly changing, yet still retain have many kinds of significance. Designs are heavily influenced by the fashion catwalk, wedding blogs and wedding magazines. High profile weddings may begin a new trend in wedding cake design. In the past few years, three of the most popular types of wedding cakes have been traditional, vintage and glamor. You will find cakes decorated with jewels and sparkles which has given rise to the Couture-style wedding cake. This wedding cake makes a strong statement by incorporating accents of the bride’s wedding dress, headpiece, or jewelry and one of the hottest trends in recent years has been the introduction of metallic icing for cakes.

Molten yellow gold is a striking look for a cake, especially when it’s made with high layers, but whether it is a full gold cake, or just the addition of detailing, the visual pop is immediately apparent. But from the color of the icing, to the cutting of the cake, there are always elements of tradition associated with the cake. For example, a highlight of every wedding is when the newlyweds smear a dab of cake on each other’s faces. Many see it as a way to share a playful moment, yet it is also part of a long tradition. In Ancient Rome, wedding cakes were not eaten, but were instead broken over the bride’s head, or thrown at the bride by the groom as part of a fertility rite. Thankfully for the bride, this tradition has been altered through the years and today’s variation is simply a dab of icing on the face rather than a dress full of cake.

Deciding on the type of wedding cake is one of the many fun choices a bride and groom get to make when planning their wedding. If you want an Italian wedding cake, you have a nice array of options. No matter which wedding cake you chose for your big day, be sure to select a fine Italian chef or bakery to guarantee your day ends on a sweet and delicious note… Buon appetito!