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With its unique setting, the Grand Hotel San Pietro offers unparalleled views of the gulf, Ionian Sea and Mount Etna, while providing the finest in amenities amid its beautiful Mediterranean gardens.

The 5-Star Grand Hotel San Pietro

There are several five-star hotels in Taormina, but it was the ultra-luxurious Grand Hotel San Pietro that was selected to host the 2019 Publisher’s Tour. The carefully restored villa dates back more than a century and considerable care has been taken to ensure that it remains the premiere grand hotel for all visitors to Taormina.

The hotel epitomizes old-world Italian charm, reminding guests of the luxury that defined European Grand Tours, with furnishings inspired by the Gilded Age, set atop polished herringbone wood floors. It is an idyllic hideaway, yet close to the major features of the fashionable city of Taormina.

With accommodations that provide an enchanting panoramic view of the Ionian Sea, the Grand Hotel San Pietro is rather poetically described as suspended between heaven and the sea. Reality is not far from that description! Rising over 450 feet above the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Taormina, its breathtaking location deserves superlatives. It has classic style, lush surroundings set within a Mediterranean garden and yet it is still only a short walk to the historic center of town.

Each guestroom and suite is elegantly furnished with dark-wood furniture and flooring, sumptuous beds and opulent marble bathrooms. The service is also renowned for not only being impeccable, but unobtrusive as well. It was the ideal location for the Publisher’s Tour. The Grand Hotel San Pietro is located at Via Pirandello, 50 Taormina.



Photographs do not do justice to the beauty of a Sicilian sunset, but one gets a sense of such serenity of the Ionian Sea from this balcony at the Grand Hotel San Pietro.


The sophisticated lobby of the Grand Hotel San Pietro speaks of old world elegance. Joyce Bushey stands behind fellow Publisher Tour travelers. Seated on one of the lobby’s plush sofas are from left, Patti Farina, Marlene Mango and Bob Storm.