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The 10-part television series Romulus will depict the founding of Rome in 753 BC, long before it became an Empire.

Romulus Enters Production

In Italy, work has begun on Romulus, a new television drama that will tell the story of Rome’s legendary founder. It will air on Sky Italia with an international release likely to follow and has been scripted in an early form of Latin.

The series is directed by Matteo Rovere, who has already told the Romulus story once before in his movie epic “The First King,” which was also written in archaic Latin. The ten-part series will present a highly-realistic reconstruction of the events that led to the foundation of Rome. The world-changing events will be seen through the eyes of three minor characters, including a vestal virgin, who decided not to follow the fates expected of them.

Shooting has just begun in the region of Lazio, which required the full recreations of two cities. The production includes 700 stunt performers and thousands of extras. According to legend, Romulus and his twin brother, Remus were cast out at birth by their great-uncle, who had usurped their grandfather, the rightful king. Suckled by a she-wolf and raised by shepherds, they grew up to be natural leaders and helped restore their grandfather to the throne.

Upon discovering their true identity, the brothers set out to found a city of their own, but after a disagreement over which of the seven hills to settle on and a dispute over omens from the gods, Romulus murdered his brother and built his city on the Palatine Hill. His name, along with the wolf that nursed him, has represented the city ever since. No date for the airing has been set, but it promises to be a fascinating visual journey for viewers.