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Primerano Heads to Atlanta

Entertainer John Primerano celebrated the second year of JPM Productions by heading to Atlanta, Georgia, to appear live on The Paul Leslie Hour. The recording of the show took place on May 15thand is an online interview program hosted by the talk show host. Designed to tell interesting and informative stories by his guests, Primerano will join a roster of luminaries such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Mandel, Kathie Lee Gifford, Gino Vannelli, Larry King, Dick Cavett and many others.

John will perform and be interviewed on the show, which will be posted online on Friday, May 24th at 9:00 am. The audio version of the program can then be heard at paulleslie.com, where it will be archived. It can also be found on iTunes, Spotify and iHeartradio. The video version of the show will go on YouTube at the same time.

Primerano has been busy performing at private events and intends to produce other public JPM performances in the fall. For more information contact JPM Productions at 215-677-1843.