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Triora, 'the town of witches,' where a big Halloween celebration takes place every year

Popular Halloween Festivals in Italy

Among the most famous Halloween celebrations held in Italy is in Triora, a village in Liguria known as “the town of witches.” The town was the site of a series of witch trials held from 1587 to 1589, when 200 local women were accused of being responsible for a host of events that brought misfortune to the town. Triori hosts a number of events throughout the year, but for Halloween, women dress as witches, Halloween-themed decorations abound, pumpkins are carved, residents wear costumes and haunted tours are organized.

Now in its 20th year, Corinaldo’s “Festa delle Streghe” is a very popular event. This year, it takes place October 27th through the 31st, when the small town in Le Marche transforms into an open-air Halloween-themed park. The 2017 edition begins with the election of Miss Strega (Miss Witch), where everybody, no matter the age, nationality or gender, can participate. Halloween-themed sets will light every corner of the village, which is enclosed by well-preserved 14th century walls. Witches, skeletons and monsters, a haunted house and a “tilted room” will all contribute to make the night as spookily fun as possible, capped by musical and dance performances.

One of the largest Halloween celebrations in Italy takes place in Borgo a Mozzano in the province of Lucca, Tuscany. The event takes place within the streets of the old town center, inspired by the many legends, stories and mysteries related to the area. One of these legends recreated during the Halloween celebration refers to noblewoman Lucida Mansi, who is said to have exchanged her soul with the devil for 30 years of beauty. Lucida and the devil pass through town in a procession accompanied by demons and fire-eaters. At the end of the procession, Lucida’s ‘soul’ is dropped from Ponte della Maddalena, known as the Devil’s Bridge, into the river below, which represents the underworld. Another major attraction of the evening is the “Passage of Terror,” a horror route consisting of more than ten sets where actors of all ages interpret creepy characters and participants take an active role in the show.