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And where is our nation’s capital located? In the District of Columbia!

More Than 50 Places in the World Are Named After Christopher Columbus

Even though there are those in this country who wish to dismiss Columbus’ accomplishments, his name will live on long after such apologists have turned to dust. Here is a partial list of places that are named after the great explorer: the entire country of Columbia in South America, as well as the Canadian Province of British Columbia; Colón, a city in Panama, as well as a province of the same name are both named after him.

23 of the 50 United States have a town or city named after Columbus and 29 states have one named Columbia. Cities in the United States that are named for him include Columbia in Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Montana and Ohio. Our nation’s capital is in the District of Columbia. There is Columbiana County in Ohio, as well as a city of the same name. There are Columbia Counties in New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and let’s not forget Columbus Circle and Columbia University in New York City!