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Reading Pasta Pals for Kids – Stories, Music and Fun for Everyone

Do your children or grandchildren like pasta, art and music? How about fun, adventure and time travel? Of course they do and because of that, they will love Pasta Pals, a top hit story on iRead2Know iHeartRadio and iHeartFamily Stations, created by Nancy Noviello Hahn.

Pasta Pals is about family, friends, food and togetherness. The author got the idea when her son returned from studies abroad, along with the entire Oxford rugby team. It was during her cooking for the team that she recalled the days of making pasta from scratch with her Italian grandmother and the genesis for the pasta characters emerged. Her amusing and talented characters, such as Rigatoni, La-La Lasagna, The Angel Hairs and Penne & Mac are all immigrants from Italy who end up in a market in Brooklyn, New York. They are a diverse group with a shared mission and they help each other on their journey.

The pastas have multiple adventures and end up meeting a host of historically important people along the way. This combines the educational element that has always been a part of Ms. Hahn’s stories with the engaging entertainment aspect that captivates children.

The storyline – Penne is a beautiful girl who has a big crush on Mac. The two friends escaped from the Pasta factory in Italy along with The Angel Hairs, Elbows, Ziti and many of their relatives. They sought refuge in America in any place they could find, from old warehouses to abandoned buildings. Now, they live on a shelf in an old grocery store in Brooklyn that is temporarily closed. But time is running out; there is a ‘For Sale’ sign on the door. The pasta friends do not want to get separated and they do not want to get into any hot water (literally). To hear the stories and songs, tune in to iRead2Know iHeartRadio Live Streaming and IRead2Know iHeartRadio On Demand.

Nancy Hahn is the CEO/Founder of iRead2Know iHeartRadio and iHeart Family. She is an award winning children’s book author of 45 books and the creator of The Children’s Reading Channel:iread2know. She nurtures early literacy in children by bringing books to life with music, narration and animation.

Nancy’s children’s books and media educate, entertain and inspire children. She began her early career as an elementary school teacher and soon after began writing and producing for children’s TV shows. She uses her professional song writing skills to compose an entertaining score and song track for each character, with songs for each story create to delightful children’s musicals.