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Mayor of Bologna Announces Bolognese Is Not a Local Delicacy

The mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola has launched an online campaign to raise awareness to the fact that spaghetti Bolognese is not something that people in Bologna actually eat. It may be found around the world, but spaghetti Bolognese is actually hard to find in Italy, at least outside tourist-oriented restaurants. In Bologna, you are much more likely to find tagliatelle al ragù on a restaurant menu, with thicker strands of pasta in a thinner tomato sauce. Asking for spaghetti Bolognese instead may not endear you to the locals and now the Mayor has apparently had enough. Merola asked people on Twitter to share their own photos of spaghetti Bolognese being sold around the world, saying he was collecting them for his campaign. Unsurprisingly, he received plenty of replies from all over Europe, many showing pictures of what was purported to be the offending dish.

Who’s the Richest?

Have you ever wondered who tops the list of the richest Italians? Well, the wait is over. According to a list recently published by Forbes Magazine, the highest net worth in the country belongs to Nutella king Giovanni Ferrero (pictured), with an estimated wealth of $22.4 billion. This places him 39th on the Forbes worldwide list. The next Italian on the list is eyewear czar Leonardo del Vecchio, who ranked 50th among the super-wealthy, with $19.8 billion. Giorgio Armani made the list in the 173rd spot with $8.5 billion and Silvio Berlusconi was 257th with $6.3 billion. Miuccia Prada was all the way down in 804th place, but that is still impressive, with her net worth of 2.9 billion. Then there is Piero Ferrari. Born out of wedlock, he could not be acknowledged as a Ferrari family member until the death of Enzo’s wife, Laura, in 1978. He is in the 838th slot worldwide with $2.7 billion.

Prepare to Meet Your Maker

An Umbrian priest told news reporters that he was ready to defend himself with his two rifles after burglars made off with a 1930s Beretta pistol earlier this week. “Voting preferences are secret, but I’m a sympathizer of the League,” said 73-year-old Father Antonio Mandrelli, referring to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s party, which seeks to expand safeguards for legitimate self-defense on a par with ‘stand your ground’ laws that apply in many states within the U.S. The thieves did not find any of the money from the church’s recent collections, which Father Mandrelli had kept well-hidden in his rectory.

Pope Pius XII Archives to Open

At the recent 80th anniversary of Pius XII’s election as head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican has announced that it will open up its archives concerning the Papacy of World War II-era Pontiff to researchers next year. Critics have claimed Pius XII, who was Pope from 1939 to 1958, did not do enough to denounce the Holocaust. The Vatican has long maintained that Pope Pius worked vigorously, but quietly behind the scenes, throughout the war to protect the Jewish people. The archives will be opened on March 2, 2020. “The hope is to now clarify the role that Pius XII had in the period of the Second World War,” said Ruth Dureghello, a community leader. “Better late than never. It’s good news from which we hope to obtain clarity about that period of history and the role of the Pope.”

Ferrari Hybrid to Debut

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said that the Italian sports carmaker will present its first hybrid vehicle in May. “It will be on sale from the start of next year,” said the executive, “and it a beautiful car.” No photos of the mid-engine supercar have yet been released, but it is assumed that some of the technology that has been employed in the Ferrari Formula One hybrid engine will find a place in the as-yet-unnamed vehicle, which will reportedly be even more powerful than the 711-horsepower 488 Pista. Camilleri also confirmed that Ferrari’s SUV named Purosangue, will be coming in 2022. When asked about the possibility of the automaker launching a four-door car, he replied, “Never say never.” The company also unveiled the new Ferrari F8 Tributo (pictured), which will cost around 236,000 euros, about 3% more than the 488 GTB it replaces.

The Years of Living Dangerously

According to the ANMIL, Italy’s largest association for people with disabilities, it is the housewife who has the most dangerous job in the country. The organization has recorded and analyzed statistics associated with workplace accidents and correlated those figures against domestic incidents. The results were shocking. Some 8.2% or 600,000 women are affected by accidents in the home. According to its figures, there are some seven million housewives in Italy doing 49 hours per week, or seven hours per day of unpaid work, including holidays. The kitchen is statistically the most dangerous place, accounting for 63% of accidents, followed by the bedroom (10%), living room (9%) and bathroom (8%).