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NJ Filmmaker at Upcoming Hoboken Film Fest

Chris Cardillo, independent film maker and South Jersey native, has two films that will be featured at the 2019 Hoboken International Film Festival in New Jersey. Cardillo holds executive producer and actor roles in “Worthless” starring Tara Reid (The Big Lebowski, Cruel Intentions, American Pie) and Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side, Left Behind, Jason’s Letter) and acting credits in “Wing Girl,” directed by Rob Hawk.  Worthless reminds viewers that our actions have consequences regardless of our successes. Cardillo carries co-executive producer credit with his father and brother,as well as acting credits along with his daughter, sister in-law, niece and nephew.

“Worthless is truly a family endeavor. I am fortunate in being able to work with my father as a movie producer to also acting alongside him, my daughter and others,” said Cardillo.

“Wing Girl” features a strong leading female narrative with six female fighter pilots in the United States Navy showcasing their skills at airshows. Conflict arises between the United States and North Korea which brings these women to the front lines leading a pre-emptive strike on the secluded nation.

Worthless and Wing Girl are not the first time Cardillo has been featured at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Prior entries at the festival include “The Grievance Group,” where Cardillo carried producer, starring actor and writing credits in addition to featuring his music.

Cardillo is continuing his work in film as co-producer and actor credits with “By Deception,” a mystery thriller currently casting with filming to take place in New Jersey.

The Hoboken International Film Festival takes place from May 17-23 at the Lakeside Beach Theatre, Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 5 Windermere Avenue in Greenwood Lake, New York.