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NFIAS Scholarships in Brooklyn

The National Federation of Italian American Societies, a charitable community service organization with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, will present several scholarships to graduating students of Italian heritage attending public or private schools in the borough during the current year 2018.  As an organization interested in promoting the heritage of Italian Americans, the NFIAS recognizes the importance of academic achievement and contributions through service to both school and community by young Italian American citizens. Thanks to contributions of individuals, corporations and organizations in the metropolitan area, the NFIAS scholarship program has increased its awards from a minimum of $250 to a minimum of $500.

NFIAS scholarship recipients are selected based on academic merit and need. Applicants must be of Italian descent, with at least one ancestor who has emigrated from Italy. The scholarship awards will be presented to the winners at the National Federation of Italian American Societies Annual Scholarships and Awards Presentation Gala on October 21, 2018 in Brooklyn. To learn more about NFIAS’s programs and events visit their website at www.nfias.org.