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3 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Italy

By Rosario Mariani


The traditional symbol of the pawnbroker – three golden balls – is derived from the Medici family coat-of-arms, who ruled Florence in the 15th and 16th centuries. The symbol was spread by the Lombards, Italian bankers, goldsmiths and money lenders who set up business in medieval London.

“La Cipolla” – The Onion

The onion, a must in all Italian kitchens, was named for the Latin word “Unio” meaning a large pearl.

Il Calendario Gregoriano

Give thanks to Pope Gregory XIII for tweaking the Julian calendar and realigning the Earth with the heavens. England and the American colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar on September 14, 1582.
Miraculously, the Pope made 11 days disappear. Therefore, if you went to bed on Thursday, October 4, 1582, when you woke up the next day it was Monday, October 15, 1582.
I believe all the folks were mesmerized by listening to Gregorian Chants throughout those lost 11days.