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2017 Cinecittà Canta Album Released by Michéal Castaldo

“Cinecitta Canta”

Michéal Castaldo will be releasing his 8th studio CD entitled “Cinecittà Canta” on November 24th, making it a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas Season. It contains 16 songs, plus bonus material. The CD celebrates some of his favorite classic songs from award-winning films. The title draws attention and celebrates Rome’s “Cinema City,” where some of the most memorable movie magic happened in Italy by directors and producers such as Federico Fellini, Dino De Laurentiis, Franco Zeffirelli and Carlo Ponti. American Oscar-winning films such as Ben Hur.

Recorded and performed by Castaldo in seven different countries and in English, Italian and the dialects of Naples, Sicily and Calabria, “Cinecittà Canta” will be available on Amazon.com.