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Bestselling authors John and Nancy Petralia

Bestselling Authors Present Latest Novel “Looking for Garibaldi”

Can following the footsteps of one of history’s most colorful figures lead to an unusual travel adventure? Giuseppe Garibaldi led freedom fighters on two continents, unified Italy and almost headed America’s Union Army. His statues stand in cities around the world. “In Looking for Garibaldi,” John and Nancy Petralia explore, often in hilarious ways, the places Garibaldi lived and fought and how their lives parallel his. In stories of gun wielding gauchos, Italian family roots, nautical Christmas displays, historic battles, young lovers, old soldiers, tango missteps and travel with friends, the Petralias remind us that life’s most memorable moments often begin by taking a chance.

John and Nancy Petralia, bestselling authors of “Not in a Tuscan Villa,” will be conducting a book presentation and signing of their newest book “Looking for Garibaldi,” at the Meucci-Garibaldi Museum on Saturday, on September 8 at 3:00 pm. The museum is located at 420 Tompkins Avenue on Staten Island, New York.

Just as the Petralia’s had done with their book “Not in a Tuscan Villa,” they will be donating books and all proceeds from book sales to the museum. As travel writers, John and Nancy love to share their late-in-life, around the world travel adventures. Their stories are intimate, charming and witty; additionally, they are not shy from sharing the blunders, both physical and cultural, making their stories even more authentic. You can find the authors online at ThePetralias.com and at facebook.com/JohnAndNancyPetraliaAuthors. Their books are available from Amazon.