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Artist Marcello Lo Giudice at his studio in Milan, with one of his abstract works.

Lo Giudice Exhibit Is Featured at the Opera Gallery in NYC

Eden Universe, Eden Ocean is a major solo exhibition of abstract paintings by Italian artist Marcello Lo Giudice. His exhibition will take place at Opera Gallery New York City, now through June 9th. Lo Giudice’s paintings draw influence from his early studies in the scientific field of geology. Combining his knowledge of the Earth’s organic processes with a passion for revealing the substance of materials, his richly-colored tableaus reflect the artist’s understanding of the complexities of nature.

Structured with thick layers of pigment that are then left to dry, the artist uses various techniques at his studio in Milan to scratch, dissolve and abrade upper layers to reveal what lies beneath. The richness of colors are notable in his paintings, which range from base layers that are flat, yet rich in tone, to luminous, shimmering upper coats and highlights. Each work of art contains a multitude of layers which create alternative hues and varied depth when viewed from alternate angles.

Opera Gallery New York is located at 791 Madison Avenue in New York City. For more information call 646-707-3299 or email: [email protected].