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Keep Your Plants Safe With a Deer Fence for Gardens

Deer are voracious eaters. They might not look like they’re eating much, but all that grazing and nibbling adds up to around 12 pounds of food per day! It’s said that an average deer can eat 6-8% of its body weight a day.

That’s fine when it finds its meals on someone else’s land. But when it starts nonchalantly devastating your garden, there’s only one solution: purpose-built deer fencing.

Let’s take a closer look at how to keep your plants safe with a deer fence for gardens.

Deer Fence for Gardens – Qualities to Look For

Deer are not small animals. At the smaller end, they weigh anything from 90 pounds upwards. The biggest bucks can reach 300 pounds! Clearly, when a fence is facing an adversary of these proportions, it needs to be pretty robust.

Deer-proof fencing from Benner’s Gardens is heavy-duty and built to stand the test of time. You can expect it to last for many years and to survive the very harshest weather conditions.

Regular wood and metal fences need a lot of TLC. They need lots of maintenance over time, and unless they are made of hardwood, wooden fences may not give you many years of service. 

A deer-proof fence from Benner’s Gardens will endure for far longer, and there’s little maintenance for you to do. Our poly deer fence options are also virtually invisible. You’ll forget that it’s even there!

Standards are extremely important at Benner’s Gardens. We only sell deer fence materials that are of the highest craftsmanship. Our quality is better than our competitors, and so are our prices.

Backyard Garden Deer Fencing Kits

Strength and durability are central to our backyard garden deer fencing kits. Each kit contains steel support posts. You will need to drive these into the ground to provide secure supports for the deer-proof fencing material.

Attaching the fencing material to the support posts is easy – simple use the heavy-duty zip ties supplied with the kit. 

This kit can be customized to meet your particular needs. Some places are plagued with problematic deer. Deer than just seem intent on feasting on your perennials. 

You can beef up your deer fencing with additional posts, stronger ties, and nylon reinforcement cable. This should help to keep even the most tenacious beasts at bay.

Additional Accessories

Deer are not the only pests that want too much on your borders and rip up your lawn. 

Rabbits and rodents would also like a go. We have specially designed rodent barriers that can help to keep these furry friends where they belong. We also supply gates for deer fences.

Deer are also amazing jumpers. Although it’s rare, some can jump up to 8 feet if they get a run at it. At Benner’s Gardens, our deer fence for gardens varies in height from 5 feet to 7-1/2 feet high. This allows you to vary the height to allow for undulations in your perimeter.

Our rolls of deer fencing also run from 100 to 330 feet long. This makes them an ideal solution for even the largest of gardens.  They are also highly customizable for the particular needs of your garden.

Kind to Deer

For all that we don’t want deer in our garden, we still love to see them at a distance. And the last thing we’d want to do is inflict any pain or suffering on these majestic creatures. 

Benner’s Gardens’ solution to this is the chew-proof deer fence. The key is the design of the mesh. The holes are too small for the deer to get their teeth into.

They may have a small attempt, but they’ll quickly give up.

This simple but effective design is beneficial in two ways. First, it stops the deer from breaking through the fence. Secondly, it stops the deer from cutting their mouths or themselves as they chew through and break through the fence. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

While you want to keep deer out, you don’t want an eyesore of a fence around your garden. The beauty of poly deer fences is that at 20 feet, they are virtually invisible. 

This means that you won’t have an ugly monstrosity as a backdrop to the beautiful garden you have carefully crafted.

The only reason you’ll remember it’s there? You won’t have to deal with the aftermath of a deer visit!

Seasonal Deer Proof Fencing

If you have beds that you want to protect through the winter, we also have seasonal bed protectors. You can simply remove them and reuse them year after year.

This is great if you have delicate, yearlong plants that you need to protect. Deer are usually more of a problem in winter, so this can provide extra protection.

Types of Deer Fence Materials

There are two main deer fence materials – metal and poly deer fence.

Metal has come on a long way and is a long-lasting solution. However, some people find it too obtrusive.

Poly deer fencing is very strong, will not rust, and can stand up to the elements. It’s a great, humane solution that is practically invisible from a distance. 

Other Deer Deterrents

Another option for deterring deer from your garden is to use deer-resistant shrubs. 

Unlike us, deer hate plants with a strong scent. Think lavender, marigolds, and peonies. Deer are also able to detect poisonous plants like foxgloves and avoid them.

Choose to Benner’s Gardens for Your Deer Fencing

If you’re in the market for a deer fence for gardens, make sure you choose the best. You need something strong, durable, and humane. Something that does the job and you don’t have to worry about each year.

At Benner’s Gardens, our deer-proof fence for gardens helps to protect the landscape you have lovingly created. Our deer-proof fence will keep these noble but unwanted intruders out of your yard, keeping it in the best condition. 

Don’t settle for a regular fence or one that is not designed to keep deer out. Install Benner’s Gardens deer fencing, and your problem will be solved. 

Click here to learn more about the types of deer fence for gardens we have on offer.