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The newest pasta shape, cascatelli, means waterfall in Italian.

Italy Adds New Pasta Shape for 2021 – Cascatelli

italy introduces cascatelli

It is estimated that today there are more than 350 shapes of pasta available for sale in Italy. Since regional names vary, these shapes go by more than 1,000 different names. Which pasta shape gets the credit for being the oldest may be debatable, but the newest pasta shape is not. It is called CASCATELLI. Only announced a short time ago, the pasta can be pre-ordered from Sfoglini Pasta of Brooklyn, New York, while production ramps up.

Cascatelli, which means waterfall in Italian, is a short pasta with a flat base and ruffled edges. The ruffles give the shape texture to hold the sauce. For pasta shape experts, of which the Italian Tribune has a few, it is reminiscent of a cross between creste di gallo and mini mafalda.