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Gianluca Mech, at right with Ivana Trump

Gianluca Mech Puts the US on an Healthy Italian Diet

Internationally-acclaimed nutritionist and diet expert Gianluca Mech is on a mission to end obesity in America. He has partnered with Ivana Trump, President Trump’s former wife, as well as the Duchess Sarah Ferguson to introduce his Italiano Diet across the United States. The Italiano Diet is the hottest health regimen in Italy and across Europe where hundreds of thousands have lost 20 pounds in just 30 days. The Italiano Diet includes foods not typically associated with weight loss such as pizza, pasta, chocolate cookies and even Tiramisu.

The Italiano Diet features a broad array of detoxifying herbal extracts that increases the metabolism during the slimming phase and eliminates the risk of the “Yo-Yo” effect.  Mech’s diet also includes a complete product line of delicious foods that help retain muscle mass and preserves the beauty and elasticity of the skin during the weight loss process.

The diet is supported by 24 scientific research studies published in numerous medical journals, proving its effectiveness, safety and health benefits. It promotes slimming and losing weight, while strengthening the body. It also assists in reducing body water retention, helps eliminate toxins stored in the body’s fat tissue and improves digestion.

Recent studies indicate that roughly 100 million Americans (40%) are considered obese, the largest percentage in history. Obesity increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and various cancers, costing Americans over $500 billion in medical expenses every year.

Gianluca Mech is the heir to his family’s long-standing herbal enterprise, which has been at the heart of science-based phytotherapy practices since the late 16th century. His family’s business has created many healing, rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments. For hundreds of years, the Mech family has been producing liquid herbal extracts, free from preservatives, sugar and alcohol. Gianluca was born in Montebello Vicentino, a small town in the countryside near Venice. Since childhood, he has helped his parents prepare herbal extracts. At 18 years old, following his father’s passing due to obesity, Gianluca was determined to formulate a new, healthy, low-carb diet to combat the problem of obesity that affects millions and millions of people around the world. The diet was based on herbs and not on excessive amounts of proteins. After ten years of extensive research, the Italiano Diet was born.

As a global ambassador of healthy eating, Gianluca is the personal health consultant to many Italian and international celebrities. In 2007, in cooperation with the University of Padua, he founded the Gianluca Mech Research Center, with the objective of offering everyone the same nutritional guidance he is renowned for among the rich and famous.

The Italiano Diet has been dubbed the “Weight Watchers of Europe.” The groundbreaking diet and lifestyle formula is medically supervised and although the Italiano Diet includes pizza, lasagna and pasta, plus chocolate and cookies, it actually stimulates significant weight loss. Mech’s diet pastas and other products are available in over 40,000 pharmacies worldwide and Gianluca is available for healthy cooking demonstrations to discuss the secrets to his remarkable diet.