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Ada Galasso getting the lids ready to boil for her annual tomato jarring.

How Galasso Maintained His Heritage of Delicious Tomato Jarring

Davide Galasso met his wife, Ada Ferrara, while attending English class after immigrating to America. He came from the town of San Giacomo on Abruzzo-Marche border and Ada came from the mountain town of Palena in Abruzzo. After marrying and establishing their family, they continued the Italian traditions in their home in Baltimore County, Maryland. Each year, in addition to curing his own meats and making his own wine, Davide and Ada jar tomatoes to use for the rest of the year. Many Italian Americans have allowed this tradition to fade away in favor of the ease of canned tomatoes, but in the Galasso family that is not an option. Their family is proud of this heritage.