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Jim Crutchfield

Final Expense Planning

One of life’s ultimate moments is one that no one wants to think about, but death is an indisputable fact of life. Jim Crutchfield has found that in many cases, families are not prepared for the emotional and financial stress that death presents. There is no way to avoid the sense of loss, but there is a way to avoid the pain and stress of the funeral, the services and all the arrangements. With proper planning, the burden can be reduced and family can focus on what is important – respectfully taking care of the deceased and helping each other cope with the loss.

Jim relates the following story, “Recently, a close friend’s father passed away. I was invited to join the family as they planned the final arrangements. No one had any idea what the deceased wanted, so the family began to guess. The siblings and spouse argued for an hour about flowers, dad’s favorite color, his favorite song, whether he wanted a traditional burial or cremation. The argument continued until they arrived at a conclusion. Of course the last issue was who was going to pay and for what? By the time the family headed into the service, no one was happy and they were making financial decisions at a very vulnerable time. Unfortunately, this situation occurs all too often.”

All of that stress could have been avoided had they had a plan. Jim specializes in helping individuals develop such plans to reduce the emotional and financial stress and designs programs that places an individual’s final wishes in place and a way to finance those wishes. Jim Crutchfield is located in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. For more information, send him an email: [email protected].