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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Injury Lawyer Anthony Picillo

Across the United States, there were 48.3 million injuries in 2019. As these many accidents occur every year, it’s no wonder why the demand for a personal injury lawyer is so high.

When you’re involved in an accident that happens from no fault of your own, it’ll be hard to find the right lawyer. Of course, you don’t want to pick any lawyer. 

You need someone with years of experience, strong research skills, and the ability to present a case. course, you also want an attorney who will win your claim and help you earn the justice you deserve.

Anthony Picillo is the personal injury lawyer you need to help you win your case. We are going to tell you why within this blog post, so let’s dive right in.


When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before we discuss why Anthony Picillo is the right lawyer for your case you need to know a bit more about the claim. A personal injury claim covers many accidents, so it can be hard to determine when to hire a lawyer for your case. 

If you are injured due to no fault of your own, a personal injury lawyer can assist you. at work, car accidents, slips and falls from within a business are examples of such incidents.

Also, the damage you suffer from can include your body, mind, and emotions. For example, say you fell within a business due to wet floors, and everyone started laughing at you. If you are injured or embarrassed due to their mistake, you can sue for personal injury.

Hopefully, the above situation never happens to you. But if it does, be sure to Google a personal injury lawyer near me to make a claim.

Now that we cover when you should make a personal injury claim, let’s discuss why Anthony Picillo is the lawyer for your case.


He Is the Best Personal Injury Attorney With Years of Experience

Anthony Picillo holds 30 years of practicing law and 20 years of experience as a personal injury attorney. He has represented clients in various cases such as car accidents, workplace injuries, dog bites, medical malpractice, and many more.

Anthony received an undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. He continued his education at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law and graduated in 1990.

In addition to his law degree, Anthony gained valuable experience working for the Township of West Orange Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. After working as a public defender for a few years, he continues to do so for the Township of West Orange Municipal Court. He opened his law office, the Law Offices of Anthony N. Picillo, in 1993, after gaining legal experience.


Anthony Picillo Has Excellent Interpersonal Skills

A lawyer’s ability to persuade judges and jurors in support of their clients is not shared. After years of law practice and community involvement, Anthony Picillo developed the skills to work well with others within his field. 

Anthony listens to his clients’ needs and problems to present evidence of their injuries. Additionally, if you hire Anthony as your attorney, you can be confident that he will look out for your interests and protect your rights.


He Is a Prideful Italian American Who Helps the Youth

New Jersey is known for its large population of Italian Americans, and Anthony Picillo is proud of his nationality. He supports his community by committing to charity work and being involved with the youth.

Anthony Picillo won the Unico National Award in 2002. This award recognizes individuals who work for charitable giving, support higher education, and display patriotic deeds for the Italian community.

During his free time, Anthony coaches the minor league for his community. Over two decades, he has been a part of Caldwell minor league coach and a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a certified Parisicoach and teaches the youth how to improve their speed and sports performance through scientific sports psychology. By teaching students to improve their sports performance as a Parisi coach, Anthony helps protects them from suffering injuries as an athlete. 

Now how many personal injury attornies do you know spend their free time protecting the youth. Anthony Picillo helps students grow mentally, physically, and emotionally to help prepare them for their future.

By helping the youth and his community is how Anthony connects to those suffering through hard times. Remember, you want a personal injury attorney who understands you as a person and can connect with you on an interpersonal level.

If you live in Orange County, New Jersey, make sure to Google “ personal injury attorney near me” to find the best lawyer for your case.

Anthony Picillo Holds His Clients Best Interest to Heart

As a personal injury lawyer, Anthony knows for a fact that insurance companies can care less about your injuries. They will try their hardest to look out for themselves and try to pay less than what you deserve. Or worst, try to pay nothing at all.

Anthony can negotiate with insurance companies, judges, and others to make sure you get what you deserve. He knows you did not get hurt on purpose, and in many cases, there is mental and emotional pain involving severe accidents. 

You’re not in this alone, and you need an attorney to help you during your case. Anthony Picillo can handle all of the paperwork, research, and negotiation for you as you heal from your injuries.


Only the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Can Win Your Case

When it comes time to hire a lawyer, you will want the best. Anthony Picillo has proven time and time again that he has the skills, knowledge, and reputation. He can help you recover from the losses you have endured.

Get in touch with Anthony Picillo today if you need a personal injury lawyer!