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In Aidone, Sicily, saints go in search of the risen Christ during a celebration that involves the entire town.

Easter in the Balcony of Sicily

In the province of Enna, Sicily, the town of Aidone is a shining jewel that overlooks Catania’s plain giving rise to its nickname the “Balcony of Sicily.” The town has a fascinating Easter celebration. At 11:00am, the search to find the risen Christ has half of the town surrounding a statue of the Blessed Mother, while the other half blocks their view of the statue of Jesus.

Twelve representatives dressed as saints standing over nine feet tall, move through the town to aid Mary in the search for her son. At the stroke of noon, in a triumph of bells and fireworks, the meeting of Madonna and Christ takes place. Mary’s black veil is pulled away and the two statues bow to one another. The procession ends when the two statues are brought together and carried back to the church.