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10 Fun Questions to Answer Curiosità Italiana

  1. While in Italy, if you find yourself traveling on a pendolino, on what specifically are you traveling?
  2. Although short lived, Isabella was the first European settlement in the New World. Name the Italian explorer who founded this settlement in present-day Dominican Republic.
  3. This food is a staple of the Italian diet, especially in Lombardy where it is served in place of pasta and risotto. Originating in Venice during the 16th century, this food became popular after Columbus brought back corn to Europe. Name this food.
  4. One of the first novels to portray the Italian American experience was written by Pietro DiDonato. What is the title of this novel?
  5. What is Convivo?
  6. Under Mussolini, having numerous children was considered patriotic. Therefore, what did Italian families receive when they had five or more children?
  7. Why is extra virgin olive oil considered higher quality than virgin olive oil?
  8. The ancient Romans typically referred to the Mediterranean Sea as Mare Nostrum. What does this mean in Latin?
  9. Name the great Italian opera tenor who was the very first to sell over one million music albums.
  10. What is the only region in Italy that does not have two or more provinces?


  1. Italy’s fastest passenger train
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Polenta
  4. Christ in Concrete
  5. Italian hospitality focusing on the enjoyment of good company, good food and good drink
  6. A signed certificate from Mussolini himself
  7. Extra virgin olive oil contains less acidity than virgin olive oil
  8. “Our Sea”
  9. Enrico Caruso
  10. Valle d’Aosta