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Curiosità Italiana Presents 10 New Questions to Answer

  1. In Italy, school is compulsory until what age?
  2. Some of the marble from the Roman Colosseum was used for the building of what world-renowned structure?
  3. What type of naval ship is the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi?
  4. What color was invented in a northern Italian town, once an important silk town, which bears its name?
  5. In 1801, Giuseppe Piazzi, astronomer and director of the Palermo Observatory, made what major discovery?
  6. Disney’s EPCOT center in Orlando, Florida uses an Italian city as the setting for one of its attractions. Name this Italian city.
  7. Joe DiMaggio was not the only person in his family to become an All-Star professional baseball player. Name his two brothers who also accomplished this feat.
  8. Leonardo da Vinci never published his written notes. What else is surprising and unique about the way he produced his written notes?
  9. Name Italy’s most popular aperitif and most popular cordial.
  10. Buried at the Vatican is a famous 17th century European Queen. Name her (hint – she is not Italian).


  1. Age 14
  2. Saint Peter’s Basilica
  3. An Aircraft Carrier
  4. Magenta, once an important silk town
  5. Discovery of the first asteroid
  6. Venice
  7. Vince DiMaggio, who played for the Pittsburg Pirates and Dom DiMaggio, who led the American League in stolen bases in 1950.
  8. Written perfectly backward
  9. Campari is the number one aperitif, while Limoncello is the top cordial
  10. Queen Christina of Sweden