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10 Important Italian Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

  1. Written by Goffredo Mameli, Fratelli d’Italia is better known as which song?
  2. Which Italian film director introduced the “Spaghetti Western”?
  3. What is Michelangelo’s last name?
  4. What does an Italian say when he sends you good wishes?
  5. After whom is New York’s LaGuardia airport so named?
  6. What do Christopher Columbus, Andrea Doria and John Cabot (real name Giovanni Caboto) have in common?
  7. What type of shop in Italy has a characteristic white sign with a letter “T”?
  8. Which pasta’s name translates as “small tongues?”
  9. The winged lion is the symbol of which Italian city?
  10. What is the best way to store olive oil?


  1. The Italian National Anthem
  2. Sergio Leone
  3. Buonarroti
  4. Auguri!
  5. Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, the first New York City Mayor of Italian ancestry. He was elected in 1933.
  6. They were the names for three of the first five warships commissioned by the U.S. Navy.
  7. Tabacchi – a tobacco shop
  8. Linguine
  9. Venice
  10. Tightly capped, in a cool, dark place.