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10 Interesting Questions About Italy You Should Know the Answers To

  1. What is Italy’s top level Internet domain (e.g. .com and .net)?
  2. In which American city will you find the oldest Little Italy?
  3. Although the Tuscan dialect is the standard tongue in Italy, which other Italian dialect is gaining in usage?
  4. Established in 1849 by businessman Secchi de Casale in New York City, this newspaper was the first Italian-language newspaper published in the United States. Name this publication.
  5. Approximately how many years did the ancient Romans colonize and occupy modern-day England?
  6. Who is the patron saint of Rome?
  7. What medical instrument was invented by Italian Gattinara in the 15th century that allowed for fluid injection and retrieval from the human body?
  8. Authentic Neapolitan pizza has a paper-thin curst. Conversely, name the pizza with a thick, bready crust that Americans call Chicago-style deep dish.
  9. What are the two types of Parmigiano cheese?
  10. Who was the first American of Italian heritage to run for president of the United States?


  1. IT
  2. New York City
  3. Milanese
  4. L’Eco d’Italia
  5. 475 years, ending in 420 AD
  6. Saint Pietro – feast day is celebrated on June 29th
  7. Syringe
  8. Sicilian pizza
  9. Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana
  10. Alfred E. Smith, the grandson of an Italian immigrant. He lost to Herbert Hoover in 1928.