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10 Important Facts to Quench Your Curiosità Italiana

  1. What famous structure contains more marble from the Roman Colosseum than any other?
  2. For what purpose did ancient Roman gladiators use olive oil?
  3. What is the largest metropolitan area by population in Italy?
  4. In America, the voltage of electrical outlets is 120. What is the voltage in Italy and the rest of Europe?
  5. In what year did women win the right to vote in Italy?
  6. This tradition, established around 400 BC by the Etruscans and later adopted by the Romans, resulted in the expression “getting a lucky break.” This tradition involved hens, since they were perceived as having the power of premonition. What is this tradition we have even today?
  7. Which college was the first in America to offer Italian language instruction? (Hint: located in Virginia)
  8. Why does legend hold that Rome was named after Romulus rather than after brother Remus?
  9. This company is one of the largest shippers of fresh fruit in the world. Name the brothers who established this company that bears their last name.
  10. What are the names of the two Italian houses of Parliament?


  1. Saint Peter’s Basilica
  2. Salve for wounds
  3. Milan
  4. 220 volts
  5. 1946
  6. Wishing and then pulling apart a wishbone
  7. The College of William and Mary
  8. Because legend says that brother Romulus killed Remus, thus Rome was named after the surviving brother
  9. Di Giorgio
  10. Chamber of Deputies and Senate