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Create Your Own Exciting Italian Spa This Valentine’s Day

Break from the traditional Valentine clichés of chocolates and flowers and give your sweetheart a personalized and thoughtful gift by creating a relaxing spa day right in the comfort of your own home. Use fine Italian products like imported oils and lotions for your Valentine this February 14th.

The first step of planning your at home spa experience is to set a calm and relaxing mood. Candlelight provides spa-like ambience in your bedroom or bathroom. Candles with aromatherapy benefits are perfect for the occasion, as nothing says Valentine’s Day like an alluring aromatic candle with natural scents that calm the body and mind. Look for candles that burn cleanly and one with a long-lasting wick that will burn all night. Consider purchasing a candle from Millefiori Milano, one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of perfumed candles.

For an extra touch, throw some rose petals on the floor or create a floral arrangement for her vanity table. Besides traditional red roses, which signify pure love and romance, lavender is a great choice to use for setting up a couples retreat, as it gives off a soothing and relaxing scent. You can also scatter the flowers around the candles. This adds to the ambiance and will make you and your significant other feel pampered and celebrated.

Play some relaxing music in the background to enhance the mood. The type of music that top spas play is always very mellow and tranquil; usually new age type that calms the body, de-stresses the mind and helps one slow down and relax.

Once the mood is set, draw a therapeutic bath. Essential oils are known for their healing properties and top spas and salons use liquids and salts infused with essential oils to help detoxify, ease tension, relax muscles and melt away stress. You can choose your own oils and salts for the night, in addition to creating a perfect bath for that special someone to enjoy. Look for Bergamot Essential Oil, which is produced in Calabria.

In today’s fast paced society, a massage truly feels like a luxury. And while professional massages can be great, instead of shelling out $100 or more to give your significant other a professional massage for Valentine’s Day, you can use a massage as a fun and relaxing way to connect with one another at home. With something as simple and easy as a body lotion, you can treat your man or woman to a hand, foot or back massage. Take a dime-sized amount of lotion or massage oil and use kneading motions, always moving toward the heart to stimulate blood flow to the area. A great option is Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Italian Resort Rich Body Nourisher, a refreshing cream that will leave your sweetie feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Create an at-home spa experience for your sweetheart for a romantic Valentine’s Day that the two of you will treasure forever.